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RightHomeRightHere.com is a website optimised for mobile devices designed to assist users to locate available properties, flats, houses, land etc., for sale or rent, through the use of virtual sign boards displayed on satellite or 3D Google Maps.

For the sake of clarity, RightHomeRightHere.com points it’s UK users to Rightmove.co.uk in order to view property details. Rightmove.co.uk is not associated with, and neither does it endorse RightHomeRightHere.com

RightHomeRightHere.com offers no warrantee as to the accuracy of the information displayed and users of the website agree to not hold liable RightHomeRightHere.com for any costs or damages they may incur in using or acting upon the information displayed.

When a user registers on RightHomeRightHere.com to access additional information, the user is expressly permitting RightHomeRightHere.com and its associates and partners to contact them with additional relevant information offered by RightHomeRightHere.com or their approved 3rd party providers.

RightHomeRightHere.com will collect and store such information as the user enters in order to register, and log and store the user’s activity on the website, such as the location and category of property details accessed. This information may be used by RightHomeRightHere.com or their approved 3rd party providers to understand the activity and preferences of users and to offer them and display on the website relevant goods and services.

RightHomeRightHere.com has no intention of making unsolicited contact with users. If you accept these Terms you expressly permit contact by email or telephone as described above.

In addition to users who register on the website for additional information, RightHomeRightHere.com enables real estate agency, property lettings businesses and other potential advertisers to contact RightHomeRightHere.com personnel through the website. When such a business makes contact with RightHomeRightHere.com in this way they are expressly agreeing to being responded to or contacted by RightHomeRightHere.com and/or their associates, partners and approved 3rd party providers.

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